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  • About San Andreas.


    San Andreas is home to a diverse population of 39.25 Million people from the 2016 census. The State of San Andreas is one the largest States in the County the capital being Los Santos.  Its diverse climate makes it unique, ranging from grassy plains to arid deserts to forests and mountain ranges. The forests of San Andreas are dominated by the mighty Redwood trees, standing tall over the ground San Andrea is located on the West Coast.




    More Information





    SA. Public Holidays


    Public holiday dates for 2018

    and 2019.

    School Term Dates


    The Department of Education

    and Communities set the term

    and school holiday dates for all

    San Andreas public


    Daylight Savings


    Daylight saving will end at 3 am

    on Sunday, 1 April 2018, when

    clocks go back one hour.







    San Andreas is the most

    culturally diverse state,

    and the most successful


    community on earth.

    Geography of SA.

    The state of San Andreas is divided by natural features 


    into four distinct geographical




    San Andreas has the highest

    the population of any state

    with 39.25 million

    residents as of December 2016.


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