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The Terra Isles Roleplay Community is currently accepting applications for all departments. To apply, first create a forum account (if you haven't done so already), then click on "Apply" button below to fill out an application.

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  • Mission Statement


    The Civilian Operations Command maintains the realism within the roleplay scenarios. These elite Members carry their roles by actively acting to another level while having the ability to maintain a mature environment. The civilians can either play the good side of the law or the bad! 


    Mission Conduct


    • Civilians must follow the Rules and Regulations in the DoPJ. 
    • Civilians must follow the Department Chain of Command taught in IET.
    • Civilians should refrain from any type of roleplay scenarios that may be offensive to Members.
    • Civilians must create and maintain regular use of Civilian profiles, profiles will be tracked and maintained the MDT System and Official registries



    Department Administration


    Civilian Director - Vacant . Civ-100

    Civilian Deputy Director - Vacant . Civ-101

    Civilian Commander - Vacant. Civ-102


    Department Management


    Civilian Manager - Gab H.

    Assistant Civilian Manager - Vacant. Civ 104

    Civilian Supervisor - Youri P.

    Civilian Supervisor - Vacant. Civ-106

  • Mission Vision


    The Civilian Operations Command's vision is to stretch the idea of roleplay from being based on a priority system but moving towards a sense of roleplay that does not have to consist of Firearms but Civilians first thought is to take a wider base look of Roleplay and create scenarios and transfer it into an everyday person.


    Department Operations

    The Civilian Operations Command use a Standard Operating Procedures and Policies to run at the standard expected by the Senior Administration, Operations conducted by this Command is expected to be as realistic as possible ranging from the location that they are situated. While conducting Operations Members are expected to maintain a professional standard when interacting with anyone in scenarios, these can be as simple as Miscellaneous Services while active in patrols. The Department of Public Justice prides itself on being a Community based on its in-depth scenarios this is because of a Command that is dedicated to providing a realistic view towards Law Enforcement and Medical knowledge and making every interaction unique to those individual factors.  

       The Civilians are encouraged to participate in roleplay scenarios that involve miscellaneous roles on the level of blue-collar jobs. Civilians in the same encounter are also encouraged to create and regulate businesses to Operate across San Andreas supplying anything from 24-7 to Roadworks we love to see it when Civilians think outside the box to provide interactions never seen before or scenarios that have been seen but revamp them to be more realistic within the Department of Public Justice. While this is a strong encouragement we try to employ real-world characteristics to scenarios such as County units. 




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