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Terra Isles Roleplay is currently recruiting for new members! To apply, first create an account by linking your Discord (if you haven't done so already), then click on a button below to fill out an application.
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Interested in joining Terra Isles Roleplay? 

Upon completing the Community Membership Application (CMA) all prospective applicants are reminded we're looking for detailed and thorough responses. Applicants who provide unmotivated responses will be automatically denied and deferred for 24 hours.


We're asking prospective members to provide a minimum of 200-word response (4-5 sentences) for the "Why you would like to join Terra Isles RP". 

  • Mission Statement


    The Civilian Operations Command maintains realism within the roleplay scenarios. Responsible for orchestrating a unique and mature environment with unlimited opportunities for criminal enterprises or play big within civilian businesses or engage with passive roleplay!


    Mission Conduct


    Terra Isles RP civilians shall:

    • follow the Rules and Regulations, and
    • Department chain of command as instructed, and
    • refrain from any type of roleplay scenarios that may be offensive to members.

    Approval may be granted for serious scenarios depending on approved procedures.

    • Create and maintain regular for use Civilians/Criminals to be tracked and maintained via our custom MDT System and official registires, and
    • Continue any character development stories throughout their time with any specific civilians whilst maintaining a realistic and mature experience. 


    Department Administration

    Civilian Director -

    Civilian Deputy Director - @Youri P. Civ-6

    Civilian Commander - 


    Department Leadership

    Civilian Manager

    Assistant Civilian Manager

    Civilian Supervisor -

  • Mission Vision


    The Civilian Operations Command's vision is to stretch the idea of roleplay from being based on a priority system but moving towards a sense of roleplay that does not have to consist of Firearms but Civilians first thought is to take a wider base look of Roleplay and create scenarios and transfer it into an everyday person.


    Department Operations


    Members shall adhere to the standard operating procedure and policies appointed over them by Civilian Operations Administrative Staff and are expected to be as realistic as possible ranging from the location where they are situated.


    Civilians are strongly encouraged to act as but aren't limited to: Miscellaneous Services, Criminal Organisatons, and/or "everyday" folk within our community. 

    Terra Isles Roleplay prides ourself on being based on character development and in-depth scenario creation roleplay. This is because of the Command dedicated to providing realistic and unique civilian, law enforcement and fire/medical interactions.


    Supported with an awesome command staff team Civilians are encouraged to roleplay scenario that include miscellanous roles on the blue-collar jobs, create/manage and regulate businesses to operate across San Andreas supplying anything from 24-7 to Roadworks we love to see it when Civilians think outside the box to provide interactions never seen before or scenarios that have been seen but revamped.




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