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    rms-logo.png.f3cdb4e54173f6c546a1c3bafc58b668.png      About Roads & Maritime Services San Andreas


    What we do

    Enabling safe efficient journeys throughout San Andreas. 


    News and Current Events



    General Overview

    San Andreas Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is responsible for building and maintaining road infrastructure and managing the day-to-day compliance and safety of roads and waterways. From 2018/March/21 Roads and Maritime Service manages and services 4,989 bridges and 10,950 miles (17,623 km) of state roads and highways.


     Our key priorities include:

    • Plan, design, build, maintain and operate safe and secure networks to meet customer needs and improve overall satisfaction.
    • Deliver regulatory services to promote and improve customer safety.
    • Keep customers informed about our activities, minimise network disruptions and enable efficient reliable journeys.
    • Deliver value at every stage of network development..
    • Respectfully engage communities at all stages of our work.
    • Embed sustainability and minimise the environmental impact of our activities.
    • Maintain the credibility and reputation of our organisation.
    • Collaborate across government to support safe and secure special events.
    • Integrate network planning with broader land use and transport planning (via regional, district, growth area and precinct plans)
    • Integrate networks with the broader transport system including major infrastructure projects in metropolitan and regional San Andreas.
    • Deliver projects to support growth centres and priority precinct activation and contribute to the delivery of the Greater Metro Los Santos.
    • Develop people, innovative technology, systems and processes to support the delivery.


    Our purpose:

    To enable safe and efficient journeys by:

    • Improving road and maritime safety.
    • Managing the road network and optimising travel times.
    • Providing capacity and maintenance solutions for Roads and Maritime infrastructure.
    • Educating and licensing drivers and vessel operators, and registering and inspecting vehicles and vessels.


    Our vision:

    Our vision is to be the leader in the management and delivery of safe, efficient and high-quality services and infrastructure to the community businesses of San Andreas. 

    Our vision is supported by three focus areas:

    • Customer focus.
    • Impact and reputation.
    • Efficiency and Effectiveness.


    Our Services:

    Roads and Maritime provides a range of services to customers such as vehicle and vessel registration and licensing, supplying up-to-date and accurate travel time information, and delivering traffic alerts and updates. Roads and Maritime strives to engage with customers and the community to understand their needs and consider these when making decisions.

    Our core services include: 

    • Manage tolling services.
    • Deliver environmental solutions.
    • Build and maintain infrastructure.
    • Deliver traffic management services.
    • Provide safety management services. 
    • Regulate users of roads and waterways. 
    • Provide license and registeration services.
    • Manage compliance to rules and regulations.



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