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  • Committees and Strategic Alliances


    State Emergency Management Committee and State Rescue Board


    The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is responsible for identifying emergency resources from both within and outside the State, and to plan how they will be allocated and coordinated.


    Fire and Rescue San Andreas (FRSA) contributes to the SEMC when it is responsible as the combat or lead agency for:

    • Fires in the urban domain
    • Land-based and inland waterways hazardous materials incidents
    • Specified general land rescue
    • Urban search and rescue (USAR), and
    • Chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) incidents.





    Fire & Rescue San Andreas works closely with the San Andreas State Police, Health San Andreas and the Ambulance Service of San Andreas in developing policy and procedures and implementing training exercises to enhance Chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capabilityThis is to ensure interoperability at any incidents of terrorist attack.



    Bush (Wildland) Fire Coordinating Committee

    The Bush (Wildland) Fire Coordinating Committe provides a forum for consultation and cooperation between Fire & Rescue San Andreas, Rural Fire Service, State Forests, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Local Government and the San Andreas State Police to;

    • Plan bush/wildland fire prevention and coordinate bushfire fighting.
    • Enter into arrangements with any public authority concerning the reduction of bushfire hazards.
    • Advise the Governor and appropriate Government Leaders of the Department of Public Safety on bushfire prevention, mitigation and coordinated bushfire suppression.


    Mutual Aid Agreements

    Mutual Aid Agreements at a local level further enhance interagency communication and community safety. They enable sharing of resources and the providing of better services to the community.

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