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  • The San Andreas State Police is headed by the Commissioner of Police. The structure of the San Andreas State Police Senior Executive Service is determined by the Directors of Policing Service. The Deputy Commissioner for Frontline Operations - Metropolitan, Frontline Operations - Regional, Investigations and Counter - terrorism, Special Support and Corporate Services report directly to the Commissioner of Police.

<h2 class="outside">Organisational Structure</h2>

Frontline Operations

Frontline Operations is our primary team within the San Andreas State Police and are responsible for calls for service and being exposed to a wide range of jobs including; Serious Assaults, Domestic Issues, Armed Robberies, Deceased Persons, Theft/Stealing Offences, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Missing Persons and a range of other incidents.

Frontline Operations police are the proactive policing arm of the San Andreas State Police in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Frontline Teams:

  • General Duty
  • Target Action Group
  • Proactive Crime Team
  • Property Crimes Team
  • High Visibility Police Unit
  • Region Enforcement Squad
  • Rural Property Crimes Team

Aviation Support Command

The Aviation Support Branch (ASB) is primarily concerned with the Commissioner's priority of reducing crime. Other services and operations which the Police Airwing provide support include; searches for missing persons (including missing children, the elderly and bushwalkers), vessels or aircraft, offenders, operations targeting crime, specialised rescue missions, reconnaissance tasks and counter-terrorism operations.

Modern technology adapted by PolAir includes specialist equipment such as rescue winches, nite sun searchlights (30 million candle power), Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), high definition video camera system, downlinking of live video, digital radio systems and advanced integrated touch screen digital glass cockpits with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation systems.

The fleet consists of 10 helicopters and 2 fixed-wing aircraft and services.

Marine Area Command

San Andreas has a large and busy coastline leading to an expansive system of waterways. The San Andreas State Police Marine Area Command’s (MAC) responsibility extends to all coastal areas of San Andreas 200 Nautical Miles out to sea. From the earliest days of settlement, the state has required a dedicated water-based policing service. The services provided by MAC are similar to those carried out by land-based police, including crime prevention and detection, search and rescue.

Police vessels and personnel are strategically located at important commercial and leisure ports with the base at Port of Los Santos.

You can find the water police at Los Santos, Paleto Bay, and Palomino. Some remote country waterways are serviced by their Local Area Commands.

Units Included:

  • Police Divers - Conduct SCUBA operations, primarily conducting search and recovery operations for important evidence and missing persons.
  • MAC Detective's Office - Responsible for conducting Marine Intelligence gathering, Marine Crime Prevention and investigating criminal matters concerning maritime.
  • Marine Enforcement Team - Is a dedicated mobile response unit which are deployed to reduce marine related crime and ensure safer waterways across the state of San Andreas. They also conduct regular, planned and high visibility police operations including; enforcing maritime laws, carrying out safety checks, conducting random breath and drug tests.
  • Marine Operational Support Team - Responsible for conducting specialist marine operations such as ship boarding and marine security at major events.

Their duties include:

  • safety and compliance reinforcement,
  • maintain and service police launches,
  • addressing marine crime prevention issues,
  • overseeing aquatic events and controlling spectator craft,
  • coordinating search and rescue off the coast of San Andreas,
  • protecting life and property, both at sea and on inland waters,
  • policing the waterways of San Andreas to reduce marine crime,
  • carrying out diving operations and underwater searches for missing persons and evidence

State Crimes Command

The State Crime Command delivers professional policing services to the community of San Andreas through disrupting, preventing and responding to serious and organised crime. Led by the Commander, State Crime Command and the Director, Crime Operations the command consists of twelve specialist squads each representing a head of the discipline for major crime types.

The State Crimes Command Squads:

General Investigation Section (GIS)

  • Homicide Squad
  • Cybercrimes Squad
  • Financial Crimes Squad
  • Child Abuse & Sex Crimes Squad

Major Crimes Unit (MCU)

  • Criminal Groups Squad
  • Organised Crimes Squad
  • Robbery & Serious Crimes Squad

Integrated Drug Unit (IDU)

  • Drug & Firearms Squad

Integrated Special Operations (ISO)

  • Asian Crime Squad
  • Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad
  • Joint Counter-Terrorism Teams
  • National Disruption Group

General Investigation Section:

The General Investigation Section (GIS) is assigned to combating criminal offences around San Andreas. Troopers assigned to the General Investigation Service will be specifically tasked with operating in one of the four squads.

Homicide Squad

The Homicide Squad leads and drives the San Andreas State Police response to homicide and coronial investigations at all levels. This is achieved through the development of tactical intelligence products, policy advice and the provision of good practice and specialist investigative service for major criminal investigations including murder, suspicious deaths, coronial investigations and critical incident

Cybercrimes Squad

Computer-related technology is evolving and improving at an incredible rate, with computers, smartphones and the internet now used in every part of our daily lives. Criminals are exploiting these technologies to commit new types of crime and traditional crimes in new ways.

Financial Crimes Squad

The Financial Crimes Squad leads and drives the San Andreas State Police response to fraud, identity crime, motor vehicle theft/re-birthing (including precious and scrap metal theft) and arson (encompassing structural fires and bushfires).

Child Abuse & Sex Crimes Squad

No other crimes seem to arrest the attention of the public and media as much as child abuse or adult sexual assault. This is because our community considers these crimes abhorrent and alarming. Abusing children, either by sexual or physical abuse or neglect, is one of the worst offences that can be committed.

The experience of sexual assault is different for everyone who experiences it, regardless of whether it is committed by a stranger or someone known to the victim. It is like any other major shock or trauma, with a whole range of short, and long term effects for the victim.

Major Crimes Unit:

The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is assigned to combating serious or major criminal offences around San Andreas. Troopers assigned to the Major Crimes Unit will be specifically tasked with Criminal Gangs or Outlawed Motorcycle Clubs.

Criminal Groups Squad

The Criminal Groups Squad and Strike Force Raptor target groups and individuals who engage in serious and organised crime, in particular, those who have a propensity for violence. This is achieved with proactive investigations and intelligence-based, high impact policing operations with the intention of preventing and disrupting conflicts and prosecuting and dismantling networks engaged in serious criminal activity.

Organised Crimes Squad

The Organised Crime Squad conducts investigations targeting high level organised crime, disrupting the activity, identifying those criminals and criminal groups engaged in it and affecting their arrest.

This includes organised crime activity targeting or connected with licensed casinos, San Andreas racing industries and sporting codes and money laundering activity within criminal groups in San Andreas.

Robbery & Serious Crime Squad

The Robbery and Serious Crime Squad leads and drives the San Andreas State Police response to Robbery, Extortion, Kidnap for Ransom, Product Contamination and other Serious Property Crime, including major breaking offences on commercial warehouses and distribution centres and receivers of the property.

Integrated Drug Unit

The Integrated Drug Unit (IDU) is assigned to combating criminal offences regarding the Creation/Distribution/Possession of Illicit substances around San Andreas. Troopers assigned to the Integrated Drug Unit will operate proactive patrols to minimize Drug and Firearm violence across the State.

Drug & Firearms Squad

The Drug and Firearms Squad lead, manage and conduct investigations into the upper level and/or organised criminal activities or networks involved in the supply, distribution and production of illicit drugs and firearms.

The Squad provides support to other San Andreas State Police Force commands and units in their response to serious drug and firearms crime. This includes providing a professional consultancy and direction to the San Andreas State Police Force response to drug and firearm crime.

Integrated Special Operations

Integrated Special Operations is assigned to combating State and Federal Criminal Offences across San Andreas with the main focus Counter-Terrorism. Troopers assigned to the Integrated Special Operations will be assigned specific Squads depending on requirements.

Asian Crime Squad

The Asian Crime Squad is focused on combating criminal offences against Asian organised criminal groups.

Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad

The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (MEOC) is focused on combating crime against and perpetrated by members associated with Middle Eastern Heritage.

Joint Counter Terrorism Teams

The Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) conduct investigations to prevent and disrupt terrorism and violent extremism.

National Disruption Group

The National Disruption Group (NDG) is an interagency team which consolidates the capabilities of participating agencies to prevent, disrupt and prosecute Nationals who travel or intend to travel offshore to engage in hostilities and/or undertake terrorism training and support terrorist entities.

Traffic & Highway Patrol Command

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Command is responsible for providing Traffic Enforcement to the State of San Andreas. Traffic and Highway Patrol Command is accountable for the development, and dissemination of advice on all matters relating to traffic policy, development, enforcement, education and road trauma. The Command provides its own aspects towards Policing in the State of San Andreas by providing further lead initiatives to lower road trauma and provide a more experienced eye to Policing to the areas they are assigned.

Frontline Operations

Frontline Operations is the forefront of Traffic & Highway Patrol operations in San Andreas. Frontline Operations conduct the day-to-day tasks of enforcing the Road Transport Act on San Andreas roadways.

General Traffic Operations

General Traffic Operations members are assigned to conduct general enforcement and visibility patrols on San Andreas roadways.

Traffic Support Group

The TSG consists of a small task force of police cyclists, with the primary objectives of providing a high standard, safe and reliable VIP escort service for visiting dignitaries, Heads of State and on other occasions as required. The Group provides a high profile and intelligence-driven operational support to Region and Local Area Commands to address road safety and crime issues. It is also used as a strike force to target known critical routes during State operations and holiday periods.

Traffic Strike Force

The charter of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Strike Force is to target all aspects of road safety impacting the road network of San Andreas. The deployment of the Strike Force is based upon intelligence and resources can be deployed across all Police Area Commands within San Andreas. The Strike Force can deploy to any Region/Zone or PAC to carry out duties on behalf of the Commander of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command.

Aerial Support Enforcement

The Aerial Support Enforcement (ASE) is a program run by the San Andreas State Police to target speeding drivers within San Andreas. A San Andreas State Police aeroplane monitors the speed of motor vehicles between two marked surveyed lines on the road which are 500 metres apart.

Random Roadside Testing Unit

The Random Roadside Testing Unit is responsible for conducting blitz operations across the State’s roadways.


Crash Investigation Unit

The Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit is based at Zancudo, Palomino, Mission Row, Vinewood, and Vespucci, and Paleto Bay Police Area Command. The Crash Investigation Unit (CIU) is responsible for the investigation for serious traffic collisions on a 24-hour basis in the state.

Operational Planning Unit

The Operations Planning Unit is responsible for the assessment and coordination of requests from assistance from the field. Assistance can be provided from Traffic & Highway Patrol Command in:

  • VIP Escorts
  • HWP / Strike Force Support
  • Random Breath Testing / Drug Testing Vehicles.

Planning & Intelligence Unit

Traffic Research and Intelligence Unit

The Traffic Research and Intelligence Unit collects and disseminates statistical information about fatal, injury and major collisions on San Andreas roads, including mapping, and maintains an overview to brief the senior executive.

Traffic Research & Intelligence Unit

The Traffic Research and Intelligence Unit collects and disseminates statistical information about fatal, injury and major collisions on San Andreas roads, including mapping, and maintains an overview to brief the senior executive.

Forensic Evidence & Technical Services Command

The Forensic Services Group (FSG) is able to provide a state-wide specialist service to support criminal investigators, the community and the justice system through the provision of these services:

  • Collection and analysis of exhibits at crime and incident scenes.
  • Scientific analysis, interpretation of evidence and presentation of evidence to the court.
  • Identification of persons through fingerprints and DNA to assist in the criminal, incident and coronial investigations.
  • Identification of persons through criminal history to provide background information to the court to inform decisions.
  • Criminal record and fingerprint-based background checks to assist in placing the 'right persons' in the 'right places' for specific jobs, visas, adoptions, to name a few.
  • Provision of forensic intelligence to assist solving crime across boundaries; linking crime across different evidence types and chemical profiling of drug seizures.

Crimes Scene Services Branch (CSSB)

The Crime Scene Services Branch provides a specialised technical crime scene support service to all Police throughout San Andreas regarding criminal, coronial and incident investigations. This is achieved by examining, assessing, recording and collecting physical evidence from scenes and items, facilitating scene and item examination by qualified experts, providing a range of advanced forensic research procedures and presenting the findings to Judicial Courts.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week attending crime scenes, fire scenes, vehicle collisions and to assist disaster victim identification; examine bloodstain patterns; tool, shoe and tyre marks; make photographic comparisons and sketch plans.

Identification Services Branch (ISB)

The Identification Services Branch comprises four sections – Fingerprint Operations, Criminal Records, Specialist Support Section (which includes Forensic Ballistics, Forensic Imaging & Engineering Investigation) and Forensic Intelligence and Results Management.

Fingerprint Operations provides a professional fingerprint examination, comparison and identification service to the San Andreas State Police, other law enforcement agencies and approved bodies through the utilisation of both manual and computerised fingerprint systems.

Professional Standards Command

The Professional Standards Command (PSC) is a specialist command that reports to the Deputy Commissioner Investigations & Counter-Terrorism. The PSC has responsibility for setting standards for performance, conduct and integrity within San Andreas State Police. The core business aims of the PSC are:

  • Promoting professional standards.
  • Investigating serious criminal allegations, corruption, and high-risk matters where police officers may be involved.
  • Identifying and responding to high-risk behaviour in people, places and systems where misconduct is a factor.
  • Promoting and supporting fair, consistent and effective management of all staff.

Police Prosecution Command

Prosecution Operations

Police Prosecutors prosecute about 95% of criminal cases on behalf of the San Andreas State Police and various other government agencies in court of summary jurisdiction, enjoying a success rate of 90% or above. They provide advocacy services for victims of domestic and family violence and are available 24/7 to provide operational legal advice to all levels of the San Andreas State Police.

Coroners Court

Police prosecutors continue a fine tradition of assisting the State Coroner in the conduct of inquests. They support major policing operations and serious crime investigations with strategic legal advice.

Covert Applications Unit

Provide advice on applications for surveillance devices and telecommunications interception warrants, assist in the preparation of affidavits in support of applications. Provide advice on legal and other issues arising from the use of listening devices and telecommunications intercepts. The Covert Application Section also provides support for Controlled Operations and Extraditions.

State Protection Group & Counter-Terrorism Command

The Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command (CT&STC) is responsible for the San Andreas State Police's preparedness for, prevention of and response to the threat of terrorism in San Andreas. The Command also provides tactical support to general policing throughout the State. The Command’s response comes from four major groups; Anti Terrorism & Security Group, Operations Support Group and the State Protection Group.

Units Included:

  • Police Dog Service
  • Public Order & Riot Squad
  • Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit
  • Strategic Response Unit

Anti Terrorism & Security Group

The Anti Terrorism & Security Group has responsibilities in countering and responding to terrorism through investigative and intelligence operations and provides State security through dignitary and witness protection. The Terrorism Intelligence Unit provides strategic and tactical intelligence support to the Command which includes risk and threat assessment. The Terrorism Investigations Squad works in partnership with the Antarctica Federal Police, Antarctica Security Intelligence Organisation and the San Andreas Crime Commission to investigate all threats (or acts) of terrorism impacting on San Andreas. The Protection Operations Unit coordinates security operations within San Andreas for Internationally Protected Persons and public dignitaries considered to be at risk. The Unit provides specialist advice in the planning and response arrangements to major events which may be at risk of terrorism. The Witness Security Unit is responsible for the administration and management of the San Andreas witness protection program.

Operations Support Group

The Operations Support Group (OSG) provide operational support to the Command through a number of proactive units. Operations Support Group (OSG) police are specialist police within the San Andreas State Police. They are trained in public order (riot) response; weaponless control (hand to hand); violent prisoner cell extractions; high-value asset protection; navigation and terrain search; bomb searching; and chemical, biological and radiation (CBR) response.

State Protection Group

The State Protection Group provides a wide range of specialist policing services in support of operational police throughout the State, which are beyond the scope and capability of police generally. The Tactical Operations Unit extraordinary response to the resolution of high-risk situations on a domestic and counter-terrorism level. The Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit provides general rescue, land search coordination, bomb (improvised explosive device) response and operational support services. The Police Dog Service provides general purpose and tactical dogs services as well as drug, firearms, explosives and cadaver detection capabilities.

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