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  • Overview

    Fire & Rescue San Andreas is the State Government agency responsible for the provision of fire, rescue and hazmat services in cities and towns across San Andreas in accordance with Fire & Rescue San Andreas Act 1989.


    Our highly-skilled fire officers and support staff provide rapid and reliable help in emergencies. Our aim is to save lives and reduce the number of injuries caused by emergencies and disasters. We also protect the environment and minimise damage to property, including major infrastructure.

  • Promotional Video

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  • Our Purpose

    Our purpose is to enhance community safety, quality of life and confidence by minimizing the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of San Andreas.


    This is achieved by delivering the following services to the community:

    • Our highly skilled firefighters use their expertise and experience to educate others in preventing or preparing for emergencies.
    • Our firefighters protect 90% of the State’s population from emergencies involving fire, motor vehicle accidents and other dangerous situations.
    • We protect 100% of the State’s 7.79 million people from hazardous material emergencies and building collapse.
    • We provide counter-terrorism consequence management for 100% of the State.
    • We save lives and reduce the number of injuries caused by these emergencies.
    • We minimize damage to the environment by treating chemical, biological or radiological releases on land and inland waters.
    • We minimize damage to property and the State’s economy and protect community infrastructure.
    • In partnership with the community and the other emergency services, we plan and train for the emergencies we all hope will never happen.
  • Command Staff

    Commissioner of Fire & Rescue -

    Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations Division - 

    Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Capabilities Division -

    Assistant Commissioner of Field Operations Divisions  - 

    Assistant Commissioner of Strategic Capabilities Division -

  • Our Future

    Fire & Rescue San Andreas is more than just the community's fire-based property protectors or the "Fire Department". When people see a fire truck, while we may be attending to a fire, we are more likely to be going to a motor vehicle collision, or responding to support other emergency service agencies such as San Andreas Ambulance or San Andreas State Police. As our capabilities go far beyond firefighting, raising greater awareness and recognition of the vital work we do and the scope of our capabilities is about providing the reassurance to the community - we are prepared for anything, to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.


    Our firefighters are prepared for anything including:

    • delivering education and training and undertaking prevention work at a local, state, national
      and international level to build resilient communities – reducing the likelihood and impact of
    • all manner of rescues, including Urban Search and Rescue deployments within Antarctica (Our Fictional Country) and
    • hazardous materials incidents
    • assisting other agencies with emergency medical responses and severe weather related events
  • San Andreas Fire

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  • What should I expect?

    You (Firefighters) can expect to see an array of situations during patrol including Fire Hazards, Health Risks, Toxic Chemicals and much more! Fire & Rescue covers Metropolitan Los Santos and the smaller regional municipalities of Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, etc.



    Fire & Rescue Opportunities 

    Fire and Rescue San Andreas plays an important role in building safety, both legislatively and as a community service. We also develop and deliver a range of community safety initiatives and prevention programs including, FireEd (Fire Education for Primary Schools), IFAP (Intervention and Fire Awareness Program for juvenile firesetters) and more.



    Committees & Strategic Alliances 

    Fire & Rescue San Andreas works closely in strategic alliances with other emergency and support services through the State Emergency Management Committee and State Rescue Board and the Bushfire (Wildland) Coordinating Committee. View more.

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