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Police Media Unit - Maritime Rescue

Noah F.

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[Fictional] [In-Game]


A person has died after three people were rescued from a capsized boat off the coast of Palomino Highlands last weekend. 


At approximately 1130 hours Zulu (Saturday the 6th of November 2021), emergency services were called to waters off Palomino Highlands, South East Los Santos, after reports a vessel had capsized. 


Troopers attached to Cayo Preico Police District attended and with the assistance of the Marine Area Command, two people on board at the time were escued and taken to shore. 


Rescuers performed CPR on three people until the arrival of paramedics. One person could not be revived and died at the scene.

The two others are being treated and are expected to be taken to hospital. Their conditions are not yet known.

Emergency services remain on scene, conducting inquiries.




The scenarios deplicated here have occured within our FiveM roleplay community and bare no resembluance to real-life events or locations

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