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Terra Isles Roleplay is currently recruiting for new members! To apply, first create an account by linking your Discord (if you haven't done so already), then click on a button below to fill out an application.
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Stay up to date with the latest TRP News and Announcements, chat with TRP Staff and Members, hang out, and more in our very own Public Relations Discord! Click the button below to get started.


Email and Password Login has been depreciated. If you have yet to link your Discord to your account but are still logged in, you may link your account by clicking [Your Name] > Account Settings > Discord.
Otherwise please contact administration for assistance.

You will be allowed to use an email and password to create an account but you must link your discord account to login. When creating an account just use the Discord Login Button on the sidebar to create a new account with your Discord account. 


Announcement - Media Relations & State Police Callsigns!

Noah F.

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Prospective members exciting news! We're in the progress of selecting our newest content creators! These members will have the responsibility of bringing you into their journey.. showcasing the opportunities available and the dedication each member provides regardless of department.


Stay informed and updated! Join our Discord and recieve the 'Notify' role! Go to #important-information and follow the instructions as written. Then you will receive a notification every time we upload a new YouTube video, go Live on Twitch, or other important community announcement. 


I've attached a screenshot outlining the San Andreas State Police callsigns including the number identifiers! If you have further questions go to #ask-a-dopjrp-member or email Recruitment@DoPJRP.com with your enquiry and we will respond ASAP! 


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