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Terra Isles Roleplay is currently recruiting for new members! To apply, first create an account by linking your Discord (if you haven't done so already), then click on a button below to fill out an application.
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Upon completing the Community Membership Application (CMA) all prospective applicants are reminded we're looking for detailed and thorough responses. Applicants who provide unmotivated responses will be automatically denied and deferred for 24 hours.


We're asking prospective members to provide a minimum of 200-word response (4-5 sentences) for the "Why you would like to join Terra Isles RP". 

New Website Theme and Added Features

Erving Q.

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Happy New Year Everyone! With the new year comes a new look and features to the website, something that has been long overdue. This update will outline the new changes that have been made live today.

- New Awards and Badges System

As some might have notice, a new feature has been added to the forums and your profiles: Awards and Badges. Now the website will issue you awards and badges based on your activity on the website, age of your profile, etc. This is now a default feature of Invision Community so if you wish to learn more, you can view their multi-page update post on their website. (There's also a video explaining the new feature if you don't want to read the entire page)

The website has already scanned through every post on the website and has issued achievements and badges accordingly. At the moment, we are using the default achievements but we may add more down in the line. If you have any suggestions for achievements, you may contact me on discord. 

Invision Article: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/drum-roll-please…-announcing-achievements-r1227/



- Customizable Website Theme

Along with the new design of the website, you can now customize the website to your liking. Clicking on the 
image.png.f3231c6106b6cb9a1ec31311344034a4.png icon in the navigation bar you'll open a pop-up that will allow you to choose between 5 color profiles and 2 backgrounds. These profiles may be refined down in the future based on community feedback/suggestion. If you wish to submit a color profile you can contact me on discord.


Other site improvements and added features are backend related and are geared more towards staff and administrators so I won't outline them in this post. 


If you, for whatever reason, wish to switch to the old theme, you can do so by clicking the "Theme" dropdown at the bottom of the webpage.
DISCLAIMER: The old theme has been retired and is no longer supported. Functionality is not guaranteed and the old theme is no longer being developed. Use the old theme at your own risk.

With that said, if anyone has any question, feel free to contact the Department of Support or message me on discord. Again, Happy New Year and lets hope for a better 2022 going forward!


Erving Q. - Deputy Director
Department of Development
Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community




~Courage, Initiative, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, and Respect~

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