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[News] Box Alarm 03-35! State Fire Investigations Called!

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BOX ALARM 03-35:

Early morning around 05:20 San Andreas Operational Communications Centre received multiple 911 calls about a large plume of smoke in the area of Mirror Park housing. Initial apparatus assignments were dispatched to the 3500 Hundredblock of East Mirror Drive. E-50 was the first arriving engine and called out to dispatch a working house fire. E-50 requested dispatch to start the "Rapid Intervention Dispatch" which dispatches additional units to the fire and automatically starts station transfers so those areas were covered during the active fire. The crews of E-50 began an initial fire attack as Ladder-1 arrived and began their ventilations. Around 05:36 all Initial apparatus that was dispatched responded and arrived. Quickly after around 05:58, the fire was knocked and reported out by E-10's crew.


No life was harmed as the homeowners weren't home at the time. FRSA Fire Investigations and Research Unit arrived shortly after and still has yet to detain a cause for the fire.

















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