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Police Media Unit - Pursuit, Assault & Arrest!

Noah F.

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A 29 year old Rockford Hills man is arrested following a police pursuit earlier today. 


At approximately 0500 hours Zulu this morning (Saturday the 23rd of April 2022), Raptor Highway Patrol attempted to stop a Dundreary Stretch that was observed driving erratically and through red lights in Vinewood. When police activated their emergency lights and siren, the vehicle accelerated, ingoring police and failing to stop. 


With the assistance of PolAir and Troopers from Vinewood Police Area Command the vehicle was pursued through the suburbs of Vinewood and Mirror Park. At approximately 0505 hours Zulu the pursuit was terminated due to safety concerns. 


The vehicle was observed by PolAir until the driver attempted to flee into the Los Santos river when Troopers assigned to Vinewood PAC pursed. He was arrested and soon after taken to Vinewood PAC and charged with drive manner dangerous - 1st offence; and, Police pursuit - not stop - drive recklessly - 1st offence, resist hinder police officer in execution of duty, and assault and other actions against a police officer. 


No further details are available at this time; however, police are appealing for witnesses to come forward. Anyone who can assist police should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 555 000.


Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 555 000 or the Police Assistance Line 131 555, or www.police.sa.gov. Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded to not report crime via the San Andreas State Police social media pages.


The scenarios deplicated here have occured within our FiveM roleplay community and bare no resembluance to real-life events or locations

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