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Announcement - Recruiting Civilian Supervisors (External & Internal)

Noah F.

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Effective Saturday the 26th of November 2022, Terra Isles Roleplay and the Civilian Operations Command are accepting submissions of any interested members (or external members), to fill Junior Leadership positions within the Civilian Operations Command. These newly promoted members would be assigned to assist with the daily operations of the Civilian Operations and work alongside one another to directly support all full-time and reserve civilians. All interested members should write a Letter of Interest in the form of Google Doc and submit said Interest Letter via the following form or reach out via our Discord


External Applicants: This being the first occasion that Terra Isles Roleplay has recruited externally for Civilian Operations chain of command positions we're strongly encouraging prospective applicants engage on our Discord in the public section. Any questions, queiries or doubtful points should be directed to the Terra Isles Roleplay Operations Discord in #ask-a-trp-member.


Letters of Interest Submissions



Junior Leadership Information Package


  • Explains the expectations of prospective Junior Leaders within Terra Isles Roleplay. 


If you are selected to move forward, you will be invited to schedule and sit for a promotional examination and interview. Please be advised we expect our Junior Leaders to be highly knowledgeable in both Community Rules and Regulations, Core Values, Department SOPs and Criminal Law/Procedures (if applicable). Our Junior Leaders are the front line in answering and further educating our members in and out of the game and thus have to really know their stuff! If you think this is you and you are up to the challenge, we eagerly await your LOI!


Thank you, 

Terra Isles Roleplay Administration Staff. 

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