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Terra Isles Roleplay is currently recruiting for new members! To apply, first create an account by linking your Discord (if you haven't done so already), then click on a button below to fill out an application.
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Interested in joining Terra Isles Roleplay? 

Upon completing the Community Membership Application (CMA) all prospective applicants are reminded we're looking for detailed and thorough responses. Applicants who provide unmotivated responses will be automatically denied and deferred for 24 hours.


We're asking prospective members to provide a minimum of 200-word response (4-5 sentences) for the "Why you would like to join Terra Isles RP". 

Announcement - Recruit Application Standards

Noah F.

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This message is on behalf of the Department of Recruitment & Field Training (DoR&FT) regarding the initial screening process for prospective members of Terra Isles Roleplay. It's strongly recommended prospective members review this announcement to increase their chances of success with the selection process.



Effective immediately (Tuesday the 28th of March 2023) following extensive enquiries into the candidate screening process by Community Administration and Senior DoR&FT Staff the following amendments and additions have been made. 


To clarify for all prospective members to Terra Isles Roleplay. The initial employment application shall be completed thoroughly and thoughtfully. Failure to provide the bare minimum information will result in an automatic denial.


Application Outline:

Due to the nature of the roleplay environment at Terra Isles Roleplay and new guidelines concerning Acceptance/Denial prospective members shall:

  • Follow all instructions outlined on the Application, 
  • Employ and demonstrate a basic understanding of English, Grammar and Punctuation, and
  • Provide thorough and thoughtful answers to each question. Prospective members can find a tremendous amount of information on our website concerning the opportunities afforded to all members within Terra Isles Roleplay. 


A major change to the Initial Employment Application, now all prospective members are required to provide a minimum of three sentences per each extended question. To increase chances of success Prospective members are encouraged to aim for between 200-500 words per question


Question Updates/Changes

You're required to provide a minimum of three sentences for the following questions: Tell us about yourself, Why do you want to join Terra Isles Roleplay?, Why do you choose this department? and In your own words, what are the general duties of the department you chose?. Please take your time to consider the reasons for applying otherwise it may hinder your application;

  • Prospective members who solely provide answers along the lines of the following may be denied from Terra Isles Roleplay as previously they have not adjusted to our community standards accordingly: "I like how the police cars look" or "I've only been pd" or anything similar to those mentioned statements. 


Real Life Service Policy

Terra Isles Roleplay has a lot of real-life service members from various Armed Forces, Law enforcement, Medical and/or Fire/Rescue organisations. Therefore whenever mentioning on the application real-life experience you simply specify the location. 


Sadly, we've received applications where people have attempted to portray their FiveM experience in replica communities (Such as using a real-life agency such as the Los Angeles Police Department) as actual real-life experiences. 


In Conclusion

Terra Isles Roleplay is a FiveM community hyper-focused on realism and authenticity to our real-life counterparts. With the previous statement in mind, we're looking for the most suitable members to ensure our environment thrives and we select the most appropriate members! We're not expecting a 1,000-word essay just a bit of effort.



Any questions, concerns or doubtful points should be addressed to an FTAO Lead through our email: Recruitment@Terra-Isles.com or join the Operations Discord and utilise #ask-a-TRP-member.


Thank you,

Terra Isles Roleplay Administration Staff

Noah F. Director

Executive Board of Directors

Email: NoahF@Terra-Isles.com

Terra Isles Roleplay Community. 

Courage | Initiative | Integrity | Professionalism | Accountability | Respect 

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