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How do I apply for the San Andreas State Police?

Noah F.


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To begin the process to join the San Andreas State Police you will need to first become a community member. 


You will need to create a Character and a Character Background Story to begin the application process here. 


Prior to applying, 

  • be at least 18 years 4 months of age
  • clear driving behaviour record; no driving offences for 12 months prior to submitting PSA
  • as a minimum, hold a current San Andreas Green Provisional licence
  • Terra Isles citizen/permanent resident
  • No tattoos on face/neck/hands (i.e. nothing visible)


Academic Requirements:

  • Applicants first apply to study for an Associate Degree in Policing Practice
  • Professional Suitability Application (PSA), which includes lodging JP-certified copies of Full Birth certificate, RMS Certified Driving Record & Terra Isles citizenship (for applicants born overseas).
  • Literacy and Reasoning Test (i.e. supervised exam at either Mission Row, Vinewood, Vespucci, or Paleto Bay), handled for San Andreas State Police by VETASSESS – they also sell a booklet for students who want to practice prior to the exam. Invitations to this stage are given to applicants by San Andreas State Police (i.e. you don't book the exam without an invitation from San Andreas State Police to do so). Offers appear to be based on the academic rankings provided to San Andreas State Police by CSU (refer to Academic Eligibility Criteria above).
  • Background Checks
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