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Applications are OPEN

The Terra Isles Roleplay Community is currently accepting applications for all departments. To apply, first create a forum account (if you haven't done so already), then click on "Apply" button below to fill out an application.

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Announcement - Police Application Cycle

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Announcement - 2019/07/01

Department of Public Justice Roleplay



Upon discussion with the Department of Recruitment & Field Training (DoR&FT) and the San Andreas State Police (SASP) Administration Staff the community has decided that recruit applications for the San Andreas State Police will be opened at 2019/06/04 at 2400 hours Zulu standard time. 



  • Applicants are reminded to provide thoughtful answers to the written and oral phase of the application. 
  • Applicants are reminded that failure to follow the steps detailed in the application will result instant denial
  • Applicants are encouraged to ask our full-time members and leaders questions in regards to the application process, the department, and the community via our Public Affairs and Media Relations Discord or email address Recruitment@DoPJRP.com 


Keep updated on our Public Affairs and Media Relations Discord, here, we plan on publicly releasing some information. 

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