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Announcement - Regional Enforcement Squad (Release)

Noah F.

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Announcement - 2019/12/26

Department of Public Justice Roleplay

San Andreas State Police - Regional Enforcement Squad (Release)



Operations Support Group (OSG) police are specialist police within the San Andreas State Police. They are trained in public order (riot) response; weaponless control (hand to hand); violent prisoner cell extractions; high-value asset protection; navigation and terrain search; bomb searching; and chemical, biological and radiation (CBR) response.


The Proactive Crime Team and Region Enforcement Squad form part of the Operations Support Group (OSG) of the state's public order and high urgency response in troubled areas such as Los Santos CBD, South East Metropolitan Regions, and North West Metropolitan areas. 


Metropolitan based regions of the San Andreas State Police operate Operations Support Group teams in a full-time capacity under the titles of "Regional Enforcement Squads", with the squads exciting in North West Metropolitan Region, North East Metropolitan Region, Central Metropolitan Region, South West Metropolitan Region, and South East Metropolitan Region. 


Our Duties:

The Regional Enforcement Squad (RES) will be a proactive unit targeting the mid-level supply drugs and property crime and other key crime areas. The RES (enforcement squad) will provide assistance to general duties police across their assigned areas in targeting criminal and anti-social behavior. 


Integrated Elements:

  • Property Crimes Team (PCT)
  • Domestic Violence High Risk Offender Team (DVHROT)

Noah F. Director

Executive Board of Directors

Email: NoahF@Terra-Isles.com

Terra Isles Roleplay Community. 

Courage | Initiative | Integrity | Professionalism | Accountability | Respect 

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