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Welcome to The DoPJRP

Welcome to The DoPJRP

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  • Welcome to the Department of Public Justice RP Community


    The Department of Public Justice has been serving the public since early 2017. The approach to a realistic and professional environment is a combined aim of the Department of Public Justice, along with a family orientated Community and love of gaming. The Department of Public Justice aims to achieve these tasks by having a Community of Modders who believe in a respectful and mature environment where we can build a willingness to learn and better yourself along with your surroundings.


    The DoPJRP way is to encourage people with a common interest in First Responders and Civilian Operations to join one of our many Departments offered.


    • Civilian Operations Command.

    • Operational Communications Centre.

    • San Andreas Fire Department.

    • Police Department.

    • Sheriff’s Department.

    • San Andreas State Police.


    If you are not able to acquire a computer and/or a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V then we encourage you for experience and to have the same sense of achievement to join our Operational Communications Centre (OCC), This allows for Members without the capabilities of being able to pursue an in-game career within the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community to pursue an important and ever-evolving career with our Communications Department (OCC). This allows us to thrive in an atmosphere of friendship and experience. If you are concerned or are confused contact our Department of Recruitment and Field Training Staff (DoR&FT) at our email address:  recruitment@dopjrp.com  or contact us on our  Public Relations discord..


    The Community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for success. Person(s) aged fifteen (15) and above are allowed to submit and eligible for Membership.


    On behalf of the Community, Management Team, and Administration and future applicants of the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community for taking the time and effort it takes to thrive and dedicate yourself to the DoPJRP and the goals set to bring us forward to the future.



    Department of Public Justice ~ Challenge Yourself!


    ~ Courage, Initiative, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Respect ~


    Department of Public Justice RP ® 2017



    Executive Board of Directors



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