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  • Overview


    San Andreas Ambulance (abbrevaited as Ambulance San Andreas) is an agency of San Andreas Health and the statutory provider of pre-hospital emergency care and ambulance services in the state of San Andreas, Terra Isles.


    Established pursuant to the Ambulance Services Act, 1976 (San Andreas) and operating within the Health Services Act, 1997 (San Andreas), the service provides clinical care and health related transport services to over 7.9 million people in San Andreas (SA), across an area of 801,600 square kilometres (309,500 sq mi).

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  • Our Purpose

  • Command Staff


    Commissioner of Ambulance Service -

    Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations Division - 

    Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Capabilities Division -

  • Paramedics


    Primary Care Paramedic's (PCP) - Form the backbone of San Andreas Ambulance. They provide the bulk of frontline care, responding to all types of emergencies across the state. Paramedics are trained in a broad variety of medical skills, gained through either a San Andreas Ambulance diploma or a degree in Paramedicine


    Intensive Care Paramedics (ICP) - are highly skilled and experienced paramedics, who provide advanced intensive patient care. Their extensive experience and training allows them to conduct advanced medical procedures in the field and administer specialist drugs to seriously ill or injured patients.


    Extended Care Paramedics (ECP) - are specialist paramedics who take a ‘GP’ type approach to non emergency incidents. Their role is to ease the workload of emergency ambulance crews by dealing with non emergency incidents using specialist training and techniques. These include prescribing medication, changing catheters, resetting dislocations etc. among many other skills.


    Critical Care Paramedics (CCP) - are elite paramedics assigned to the Medical Retrieval Unit. As well as intensive care skills, they're trained in Special Operations, allowing them to work in hostile environments such as building collapses, floods, caves, cliffs and remote bushland. They also have the ability to perform complex medical procedures and administer highly specialist drugs in the field to patients, under the authorisation of a Critical Care Doctor.


    Duty Operations Manager (DOM) - are senior paramedic Inspectors responsible for supervising clinical operations and managing crews on shift across each ambulance zone. They provide an experienced oversight at complex medical incidents, supporting paramedics with patient management and treatment. DOMs are generally qualified Intensive Care Paramedics, with a strong background of medical experience and leadership.



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